In The Sea of Feelings

In the sea of feelings I feel so lost in waves and all the ups and downs… Like a two-dimensional beautiful painting of the ocean waves, in a curve of staling wave I sit alone. I so want to strech my hand to the sky and grab a star or two But the waves dump me down and left me there all alone “Now you have the sea all for yourself”, they say. But no, you don’t wanna be alone tonight. The sunniest sun of feelings is to be wrapped in feeling loved, wrapped in tinder hugs. And forever will … Continue reading In The Sea of Feelings


Lately I’ve been busy and forced to neglect my tiny little blog along with drafts sitting in my file. We should blame it on my travelling and working from bed (yes, as if breakfast in bed wasn’t appealing enough, I got to bring work to bed). Before I can update on the mystery murder case in Indonesia and finally finish my article about an economist’s point of view on “A Good Life” (which is much needed to grow my section “People & Their Money”); I want to share a quote from Sade, that woman with amazing voice and soul living in … Continue reading Forgive