What This “Box of Pages” is About

The Box

I’d like to have a tiny little world where I gather all of my old and new writings. So this box will be a home to all of those scattered old pages and their new fellas.



I write about various topics and they are connected to each other, as this world is multifaceted and complicated and yet so whole and round.

Culture and society. The way people think and live, is very interesting thing to think and write about. Figuratively speaking, sometimes the world is a small place. But in fact, this planet we are living in is the 6th largest object in the solar system. Almost 200 countries* call this planet their home, with 6,909 distinct languages** spoken throughout the world.

Can you imagine how various, random, fascinating yet confusing our mankind actualy is? As confused as I am, I have to write all of those occassions and thoughts down. Hah.

Economics. As much as I hate to admit it, money (most of the time) rules the world. Isn’t that crazy?

I think it is and that is why I can’t help not saying a thing about it. I happened to be a person of this field and I love to write about “people and their money — and everything else in between”.

Prose, I think this kind of writing is a relax and smooth way to express thoughts and emotions. I hope sharing my prose writings would be one way to contribute to the world.

Thoughts about everything and nothing at all. Sometimes songs, novels, movies, other blogs and even tv shows have a very wonderful message I’d like to highlight. Sometimes people or objects provoke my thoughts. Sometimes nothing comes to my mind and I just have to figure things out by writing because for me it’s the “Ariadne’s thread”.


*this number is debatable, since some countries are only partly recognized

**based on Ethnologue (SIL International, 2009)


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