Money and Affirmation

We earn some, we spend some, we save some, we loan some.

Money is involved in our everyday’s life. We are so used to it, many of us have maybe never wondered why money actually exist.

Surely we need money to survive — we buy our food, pay our rent or mortgage and many other bills of our needs with money. The way I see it, money serve as an agreed medium of trade.

But most of the time I see that people misuse money, it’s actually just the same like how people abuse drugs. Heroine was once there merely to help patients to cope up with pain during and after surgery, but now a lot of people use it to take them to an alternate state of mind. To get off the reality. And we’ve heard enough stories how drug’s abuse firebacks.

Money is often abused to be a medium to impress, something to boast about. Why do you think people buy luxury brands? One of the reason is of course the quality of the product, but let’s be honest, most of the people just care about the logo on their handbag, watches, clothes, and cars.

Typical show off pic on social media
Typical pic on social media

Gaining some kind of power is also on the toplist of the reason people misuse money. Money can buy (almost) everything, including someone’s loyalty or some company’s deal. While politics considered to be the key to power, politics without money is powerless. One of the German nickname for money is Kohle, literally means coal. Money is indeed fuel, it funds a presidential campaign for an instance. Ask Donald Trump how much he has been spending on his campaign so far. As of end of April 2016, according to Center for Responsive Politics, he had spent $46 millions (from what he said, “I’m using my own money. I’m not using lobbyists, I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich.”). Hillary Clinton had spent more than three times, but then again, she’s not really rich like Trump.

Using money to impress and to gain power are proof that we humans long for affirmation. For others to “see” us, to be counted as worthy and significant enough in this big cold world. But really, is it the core function of money? Should we use money to get the affirmation and recognation that we need? Is it healthy to abuse money? Will it fireback?

I think a healthy understanding of money is important, that way we can gain a healthy relationship with money and see, for example, “the credit card lifesytle” in a different way. A very good friend of mine says, “The way you treat money somehow represents the way you treat yourself”. I’ve got a very wise friend, I know.

We shouldn’t let money taking over our life, there’s more to life than material and superficiality. Affirmation, affection and acknowlegdement are basic human needs but they require something really different than money.


image source & Pinterest


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