Cost of Living in Germany for Student

Officially a German government bureau says, as a student in Germany, you have to be provided with at least 8000 € each year (US$ 9062,76 as per 05/17/2016), this means 667 € monthly.

According to many magazines and student unions, the above figure is apparently slighty understated. The average spending varies on where you live and your lifestyle, therefore the most crucial factor is your accommodation price. Most likely, living and studying in Germany costs a student 674- 864 € monthly.

Instead of giving you a budget plan (which, honestly, no one actually really sticks to), I list you the prices in Germany so you can see it for yourself how much money you need to live as a student in Germany. This post covers the fix cost of living and the college cost (the tuition fee is free — but there are administrative costs). These prices below are widely ranged, since the property price in big and small cities are different and also because it has a huge difference between western and eastern part of the country.

The other post will provide you with variable costs such as daily/college cost and weekend/leisure cost.




private 250-750 €

dorm 200-550 €


private 230-600 €

dorm 190-370 €


Electricity, normal usage during winter time** 25-45 €

Water, daily shower and occasionaly bath 15-25 €

Garbage disposal, normal household measure 15 – 25 €

GEZ (Broadcast Fee) 17,50 €

*15-20 m², incl. utility cost minus Broadcast Fee

**during summer time you benefit sunlight 3-6 hours longer



Student Union 8-10 €
Sport Facilities 1,75-2,50 €
Semesterticket*** 110,75-190,80 €
Faculty Distribution 2,10-2,50 €
Student Service 49-69 €
Total:  171,60-274,80 €

***student tariff for a half-year-long regional public transportation, which is available nation-wide from the Student Service except Munich


Health insurance is mandatory for students in Germany. The statutory health insurance costs monthly 66,33 € + extra costs. I’ll talk more about “Health Insurance for Student in Germany” in another post.


The prices listed here are roughly estimated due to the author’s knowledge as of 2013-2016, there is no guarantee that all the above prices are correct.

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