Weekend Cost of Living in Germany

This article continues the series I write on “Living in Germany”, in the previous posts I wrote about cost of living as student in Germany and daily expenses.

Let’s take a peek on my typical weekend activities:

On Friday evening, I cook dinner at home using the ingredients and left over from the week 0 € or invite some friends for dinner 7-15 €, later that night I go out and hang out with friends 7-15 €.

Saturday morning-ish I go for my first part of weekly grocery shopping 15-25 € (later in the week I shop more groceries), sometimes I buy fresh vegetables and flowers at the farmer’s market and this costs me around 5-10 € extra. On Saturday night I eat out with friends at the bistro 5-15 € or when we feel a little bit fancy, we go try some hype restaurant in town 20-35 €.

On Sunday I clean the apartment then relax at home or public park and watch some movies 0 € or I go for some leisure activities 2-10 €. So, normally I spend 34-100 € EACH WEEKEND (incl. grocery shopping for the next 3-4 days).

If I feel like visiting another city during the weekend, usually I plan 50-150 € for a one night stay. I won’t blow a fancy hotel rate for such a short trip and plus, sometimes I stay with friends. Yay.

During the summer, my weekends include BBQ with friends and all those fun summer concerts/festivals — these however, require an extra budget.


Below is the list of estimated price you will likely to spend on leisure activities*:

Cinema 6-12 €
Concert 15-100 €
Club 2-10 €
Museum 5-15€
Swimming Pool 3-7,50 €
Sauna 7,50-12 €
Gym 19,99-69,99 €
Park 0-5 €
Zoo 10-15 €

*If you have a valid German or Internatonal student ID, you will get a discount rate 10-30%.

IMAGE SOURCE tumblr.com

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