Museum Free Entrance in Germany

There’s no such thing like a free lunch?

True. But not for one day in a year in most cities in Germany. Well, not exactly free luncheon but free entrance to museums and galleries. Yay! This day called Museumstag (International Museum Day), always falls on one Sunday in May. This year it will celebrate its 39th day tomorrow, 22nd of May. Imagine all those beautiful museums you can enter for free in one day! Check out the city’s official website for detailed dan actualized information, which normally formated as such:

Beside museum and gallery, what other places can we enter for free? Fernsehturm (TV Tower) in Stuttgart is one example, on your birthday you are allowed to enjoy Stuttgart and its surrounding from the height without entrance fee. By the way, this landmark of Baden-Württemberg’s capital is newly renovated and had just re-launched early this year.

Some Zoos and Botanical Gardens also have this kind of program, if I’m not mistaken I have even heard about a free entrance to some swimming pools on the day you were born. Always check out the price list section on the website.


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