Five Years Ago

I hate being nostalgic but realizing that I’m in the middle of the year already, I couldn’t help but thinking how time flies really fast and how my life has changed over the years. I just read a blog post told by Christa about her life “5 Years Ago“, I think it’s a nice idea for me to write. So, here we go…

Where was I?

I was back in my Southern German hometown after my study. I lived in a ground-floor apartment with a bit share of garden, which I really loved. On Sundays, I took a walk in the forest which is very close to my place.

A similar view from my window five years ago |

I still can remember the very white and cozy winter I had there, my apartment had a floor-length window which provided me with a lot of sunshine. It’s really nice in summer too. I was in my early adulthood, busy as always, but content.

What did I do?

Beside working a lot, I remember that I somehow developed my cooking skill. I watched a lot of YouTube cooking tutorials and cooked dinner everyday. I learned to cook many Korean dishes, various Italian pasta sauces and many other delicious meals. The hunt for Korean ingredients was a joyous time and cooking has become a great passion. I thought for a second to do a cooking blog, but my kitchen was so tiny and I didn’t have much time and courage. Instead, I started a new hobby and habit: inviting friends for dinner. I love having people coming around to my table to enjoy good food and good conversations. BBQing in the garden was a huge deal in summer, sometimes we drive to the lake to swim and grill.

Where did I move toward to?

Beside working and cooking, I was preparing for graduate college. I didn’t really have much in mind of which school I want to join and how on earth am I gonna fund it 😀

My kind of books | pic source:

But I just moved forward anyway while saving money. Just 2 weeks after I sent my application I got a letter of acceptance and so I went back to the university. I was really sad leaving my green and rolling city but I was also excited to learn more stuff and to be drown in books and papers. I loved to study, heck, I still love to study. As I entered the fabulous school, my passion in Economics bloomed again —  and somehow I knew, I was on the right track.

I hope in five years from now, my works in Economics can contribute a thing or two to the world. Oh, one step of a time!

FEATURED IMAGES courtesy of the funky electric band “Years & Years” & YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Five Years Ago

  1. Sounds like your life was great five years ago (and probably still is!). You cooked everyday?? I think having people over to eat is fun- just eating in general is fun. This is inspiring, I may follow yours and Christa’s lead and do my own Five years post. Well done on your posting frequency btw, posting almost every day is hard.Love Years & Years as well!

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    1. Sorry, I forgot this one. Yes, I cooked everyday back then. Crazy, huh? I was addicted to the many cooking tutorials on YouTube, they were just fun and exciting. I tried making healthy junk food to a real traditional Korean food like Kimchi! (I wasn’t even a big fan of it, lol)
      Today, I cook about every other day to once a week — depends on my mood and time. How about you, Londoner? 🙂


  2. 2011 was an easy breezy year after my study and a leap year. My roller coaster hiked up again afterwards and I’m still riding the curves.But, to count my blessings.. I think life with all the ups and downs is just mysteriously amazing. Yeah, go write your Five Years Ago story, I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

    When I get my muse, I can write one post after the others. Sometimes, they ended up as drafts and wait to be completed and published.

    Years & Years is cool.


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