Saving The World for Beginners

I just gotta save the world real quick

Then I’ll fly to you

Still gotta check 148 emails

who knows what’ll happen to me after that

Because so much happens

I just gotta save the world real quick

and right after I’ll be with you again.

– Tim Bendzko

Wanna save the world just real quick?

I list you tips on saving our mother earth from burnout of providing so much for us for so long.

1. Spare unnecessary water usage

Do you have a garden or indoor plants? Put a big bucket outside to save the rain water, use it to water your plants.

Don’t you always wash your hands? Good kid. Quickly wet your hand, close the tap while you soap your hand, open the tap and rinse your hand. Goood kid!

Do you wash your clothes colorwise and temperature-wise separately? Do this in a big batch. Buy cloths within your color scheme so you can wash them by color and temperature group in a large number.

2. Leave paper and plastic bags

Please don’t jostle, I have yoghurt in the bag. |

It’s time the world change their shopping habit. Bring your own shopping bags. Canvas tote bag for example, is strong, reusable, light, fold-able and trendy. You can make one or easily buy online or at your local shop.

If you happen to forget to stuck your tote bag in your handbag, you can ask the shop staff to give you cardbox to carry your stuff. This is normally and should be free of charge since the shops profit from giving them away, it saves them their garbage collection fee. The ban of paper and plastic bag in Denmark, back in 2003, reduced the country’s paper & plastic consumption to 66%.


3. Reuse and recreate your stuff

Decide on having one mug and or glass for the day. Place it on a regular spot, so whenever you feel thirsty you can reach your mug or glass of the day to drink from. This reduce the consumption of dish soap and water for washing.

Today: grilled salmon and veggies. Tomorrow: stir fry them with garlic, honey and soy sauce. | Pic found in Pinterest.

I reuse my yoghurt or pickle jar to carry fresh cut salad or fruit to work. Soak the jars in hot water and scrub off the label, soon you’d get nice & clear mason jars. Btw, bringing your own snack or lunch to work is healthier and money saving.

Other pickle jars can be reused to storage your stationaries or hair accesories.

You can also recreate your leftover dinner for the next day, so you won’t get bored eating the same food two consecutive days. Don’t be so generous on throwing your food away. Germans throw away 18,4 million tons of food yearly. Imagine how much water, land and energy invested in cultivating those meat, veggies, spices, etc? And then how much water and energy are used to cook them? All of these, only for half of them to be eaten and the rest thrown away.

Invest in good storage boxes and fridge. If you can’t do this, prepare or cook your food just in the right amount you’ll actually eat.

4. Recycle your stuff

I can’t recycle my own stuff and honestly, I don’t really have time for it.

That’s why I’m thankful for supermarkets which provide recycle bins. Even garment stores, like H&M or Zara in Germany, provide their own recycle bin for their plastic and paper shopping bags. And as for my biodegradable waste, I give them to my friend who makes compost. This way, I don’t only let my organic waste recycled into something more useful, but I also make my friend happy, and my wallet too — since I don’t have to pay collecting fee for organic waste 😀

This post participates on 15th June’s one-word prompt, “Nature”.

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