The Power of Words

I remember one silent night when I was listening to the radio on my bed. Someone said that words we hear influence us. He said, consciously or not, other people’ words influence how we think and feel and that build the person we become later. I agreed with him and continued listening.

Our brains record words we hear, either words which give us warm feeling in our heart or those which strike our nerves. Most of the time we record and process this unconsciously. What happen under our conscious can be a dangerous thing for us. We may feel hurt — but because it’s buried deep down there, we couldn’t really understand it, let alone face it. You know I’m no psychologist, but I think this is a basic common sense that suppressed and hidden feeling cause complexity in us. Mean or negative sounding words plant not only anger but also bitterness under our conscious. This can eat out our confidence, our entire thoughts and views on ourselves and the world.

That man in the radio said, when an angry parent curses and calls his kid stupid every time he makes a mistake, that word will stick to him. Getting used to be called stupid, he will grow up thinking he’s really stupid. Kids trust their parents. Parents words are like commandment to them (at least till a certain age).

Imagine all the great things that kid could have done if his parent was patient and assisted him with love and understanding instead. He could get courage to do better instead of discourage and cloudy judgement.

Here I’ll tell you a story when I was a fifth grader, I was a new kid in the class. Right on the first day, the teacher started to quiz us. This was new to me and I gave my best to answer his questions. So there I was, a new kid who always raises her hand. By the end of the day, he said to the class about how smart I am. I was shocked, ashamed and flattered at the same time. But I also felt scared, huge time. Compliment was a new and unknown thing for me. “What did I do to deserve it? Have I done something wrong?”, I ask my self. I was a 10 years old, clueless and naïve . I believed I have nothing to offer. Yet he was always pleased at my performance as a student and he kept giving me compliments and courage.

His kind words send me to places I couldn’t imagine as a lil’ kid. I got courage and a seemingly never-ending fortitude to believe in my self, that I can do things I want to do if I just do a little more and do a little better. I believed my fifth grade teacher, that I was smart. That I have what it takes to reach my dreams. Now, whenever I’m in the middle of a struggle and doubting my self, I try to remember him and his words. The power of his words.

Do you also think that words have power? Do you care to share your experience? Be it negative or positive, I’d love to hear your stories. We learn best from the experience, don’t we.






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