Taste of Childhood: Kopyor and Frambozen

Yay, summer is here! It’s an official excuse to eat ice cream everyday.

Vanilla, Chocolate and Pistachios are my all-time favorite on a sunny spring day, but Coconut flavor will always triump on a hot summer day. It’s light like a gelatto and makes such a powerful duet with a scoop of strawberry milk-based ice cream.

Little did we know, there’s a magical sort of mutant coconut called Kopyor in Indonesia and Macapuno in The Philippines. This particular coconut has a unique texture, flavor and smell that trigger my childhood memory. And yes, you read it correctly, it’s a mutant.

bingbing wikipedia
Image by bingbing

Kopyor (pronounced as kop-yor) in Indonesia, macapuno in the Philippines, is a coconut sport or naturally occurring coconut mutant which has an abnormal development of the endosperm. The result of this abnormal development is a soft jelly-like coconut flesh.

 – Wikipedia

Quoting that, appearently, I have been pronouncing it wrong (ko-pyor), but it doesn’t lessen my fond memory of one sweet childhood anyway. It is considered as delicacy in Indonesia and is made into various desserts and drinks. Even though Kopyor Coconut is a naturally occured mutant, people can cultivate it with the techniques of plant tissue culture. The selling power of this unique coconut is ten times regular coconut. Isn’t it just special!

An Indonesian ice cream company based in East Java called Campina makes an ice cream variant with Kopyor soft and gooey layers. They seem to know the best way to pair the Kopyor ice cream with Frambozen flavor, which is a typical Dutch raspberry syrup. This makes the combination very old-skool Indonesian flavor, with a touch of Dutch/Indo culinary.

Todays, the Campina Ice Cream is hard to find in Indonesia — thanks to the giant multinational competitor. Well, that motivated a friend to send me a glimpse of the new designed ice cream cup (Terima kasih!)

Mmm, now I think I can taste and smell the flavor of a childhood summer treat. Yum!


3 thoughts on “Taste of Childhood: Kopyor and Frambozen

    1. Yes, Kopyor is one of their best. I find their Vanilla is extra delicious too. Not a big fan of Mung Bean, my brother is though. I heard they add brown sugar (cold) sauce on it now, your sister may be excited 🙂


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