Love and Hate #PokemonGo

I still can remember how glued my millenial brother to the TV screen while he was watching over-enthusiastic little monsters in bright colors running and screaming away.

Those were the days.

Days that I hated. I get that Pikachu’s big glossy eyes are so cute and endearing like puppies eyes. Pika Pika Pikachu! | image:

But he is bright yellow! Prime-colored yellow. As plain and as bright as it can be. The color choice for a desperate ad flyer. Well, maybe I’m wrong, since Pikachu is the most loved of ’em all and considered as the ultimate Japan’s pop culture icon. 

However, Pikachu’s high pitch can easily beat Mariah Carrey highest note. This was my biggest objection to watch the TV show with my — then — innocent brother. Btw, I heard that in Japan, in order to be considered cute, girls would speak in high pitch. Ow, yes. To each their own.

So I was kinda shocked when I learned that Pokemon is once again a big bombastic hit. The pictures of witnessing my baby brother watching two loser bad guys losing every battle they had and being kicked away to the sky until they disappeared in a cling star. Those pictures were vivid again. Well, I must admit, the cling star was funny though. He he.

Everybody’s talking about Pokemon Go right now, the whole planet is. And ever since a lot of people religiously yet carelessly playing it, we’ve been hearing curious news around the world how people got tripped and injured while playing the game. People actually drive around with their cars hunting for Pokemons. Other people mindlessly leave the sidewalk and into the road chasing for those pocket monsters. Many people around the globe had stumbled upon a dead body while they were up and about hunting for Pokemons in places. A French guy was arrested in Indonesia because he trespassed a military base while chasing his precious little monster.

Bosnia even warned people not to go looking for Pokemon in the field, where the rest of landmines from 1990 are still in their hidden spots. A lot of countries have been warning their citizen not to play near government and military buildings for national security reasons. Rusia even accused the game as CIA’s way to get GPS and secret datas of the world nations.

Back in the days, it wasn’t a game of Pokemon hunting — it was merely a Pokemon collecting. Kids collected trading cards which were like mini Pokemon catalogs, informing their ranks, power level, skills, etc. They went into a duel by revealing their chosen cards and whoever got the highest-ranked Pokemon won. How come I know a lot informations for someone who doesn’t like Pokemon? I was simply a good big sister. Yeah, no biggie.

Anyway, despite all the problematic and stupid problems the Pokemon Go has been creating, some parents are rather happy that their kids voluntarily go outside — to the fresh air and summer sunlight — seeking Pokemon figures, Pokestops and Gyms. For almost two decades, kids didn’t know that they can play outside. Their idea of playing was merely joysticks, X-Boxes and tv screens. Even with wii Playstation you barely just move your hands and swing your legs.

For kids of the newest generation, this is maybe their first time playing catch and battle with the pokemons. But to most twenty something crowds, this is a sweet nostalgia of the good old days of carefree childhood. Most of them, like my brother, they bursted out of school and couldn’t wait to get their hands on their trading cards. They went playing in the entry ways, front yards and parks.

Back in my time, I played hide-and-seek with friends. Climbed trees and couldn’t get down until my dad came to my rescue. I jumped rope with the neighborhood kids and played marbles with the boys. Would the gaming industry have the interest to fancy my generation’s nostalgia? Playing hide-and-seek as an augmented reality games? How much troubles would it cost? How many people would get injured or lured to seedy alleys? Would Saudi Arabia publish fatwa againts it too?

Should we leave our gadgets home, go outside and play while the sun is still shining?


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