How to Catch Pokemons

Even though I’m in a love-and-hate relationship with Pikachu, I think Pokemon Go isn’t a bad thing, if and only if:

  • you watch where you are going while catching ’em all;
  • [in case you can’t unglue your eyes off your phone screen, then you better have someone sane — and who cares so much for you — to babysit you];
  • [[in case you don’t have that someone, well, maybe the driver from Craiglist might wanna take you in a car to find Pokemon for 15$ an hour in a group]];
  • you don’t hang around — or even worse, trespass neither private properties nor government buildings and military areas;
  • you don’t drive nor operate any machines while playing, for example tractor or, simply, car;
  • most certainly, if you don’t play it at work nor school — this is self-explanatory.

    On the case of a French dude trespassing an Indonesian military base to hunt Pokemon, he wasn’t the only guilty person. A large amount of people in the military base must have been playing Pokemon Go too, because if no one had, then there won’t be any Pokemon figures to catch there in the first place. For me it perfectly makes sense to forbid government and military agents to play the game at their work place, let alone during work hours.

    So oddly, I recommend you to hire a driver who will exclusively drive you to seek for rare Pokemons in peculiar places. There’s a lot on New York’s Craiglist, surely other cities and countries will follow.

    In the meantime before you find someone for this job… Girlfriends, please go babysit your boyfriend while playing Pokemon Go in the big cold world outside there — and boyfriends, vice versa. Of course you gotta switch.

    And dear parents, if Pokemon Go is a better option for your kids rather than playing video games inside the house without seeing day lights at all — then by all means, take your kids to the open nature and watch them while they excitingly wandering around looking for Pikachu & his friends. They might discover the joy playing outside too, while having you around.


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