Memories in Objects

Sometime ago I discovered the wonderful in my Reader, she made a graphic story titled “Objective Memory”. Sarah Laing is such a great writer and artist, you should check out her blog.

During the reading, I couldn’t help but remembering some of my own objective memories, so now I decided to write them down. But you got to excuse me because I won’t be drawing a graphic story, I’m not such an artist 🙊

1. Ice Cubes

remind me of a friend, which is just like a lil’ sis to me. She started chewing ice cubes pretty early and by the time she was in junior high, she deligently promoted how fun and satisfying it is to chew ice cubes. Because of her, I chew my ice cubes too now.

2. Chicken Cordon Bleu

reminds me of the same girl above. She had a period of time when she only ordered this mozarella-filling chicken frites when we ate out. I thought she doesn’t know that other meals exist, but the fact was actually she simply has her preferences straight. Haha.

3. “Weißt Du Eigentlich Wie Lieb Ich Dich Hab?” Book

reminds me of a cute chubby-cheeks boy. He’s one very funny kid, very smart, very cheeky and oh-so-silly. He’s my very good friends’ child and we used to spent so much time together. I love him to the moon and back, just like the book says. It was my Christmas present to him years ago and I hope he’ll still have it when he’d grown up.

4. Harry Potter Movies

remind me of my beloved ex-roommate. We spent one New Year’s first week on her couch watching Harry Potter movies everyday with hot cocoas in our hands and snow outside the window. Those were some of the last days I spent with her in our lovely apartment. Till today, whenever I saw any Harry Potter movies, I can’t help but calling her. It feels sometimes as if I attended Hogwarst with her.

5. Eyebrow Trimmer

always reminds me of my bestfriend. She taught me how to define my eyebrows with it. She has a pair of the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen! Whenever I see my eyebrow trimmer, I always see her smile.


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