Why The U.S. Election is Everybody’s Business

Whatever your nationality is and wherever you live, who’s gonna sit in the White House, will — like it or not — influence our life.

The United States of America is such a big country, with a long history of ups and downs — but mostly ups. Enterpreunership, consumerism, elite education, funded research, progressive economy and the so-called American freedom and democracy have made the U.S. gained the title of a superpower country. Over many decades, the U.S. has a say in the world politics. Any foreign policies they make will affect other countries’ business. Any wars they start will be unstoppable and lead to great concequenses for the whole world. 

Any extrem changes in the U.S. currency or interest rate will send shock waves throughout the world. Banking and financial industries on this planet are still oriented to the U.S. economy and their dollars.

The States’ superpower status is mostly gained through their affinity, strength and security in the economy. You know, life as we know it, who’s got money got the upper hand. Yet since the last 5-10 years, the People’s Republic of China is widely considered to be the next giant in the economy. While they are cashing more money (thus power & influence all around the world now), the U.S. is still the queen bee in the global hood. They have built such a strong and large military force; they have the majority of the best universities in the world; they are still the biggest consumer, trader & investor in the international economy.

You can not not admit it, that power is indeed knowledge and U.S. Gov is keen on funding big and important researches. Through knowledge, they can heal diseases, manipulate genetics, build the fascinating world of internet, send rockets & satelites into the galaxy, make any gadgets they need and bug any gadgets they want, etc. Plus if I must remind you, FBI & CIA are the world famous intelegents and they are active all around the globe whether we like it or not. They are the unseen minions that keep their national security and so-called freedom along with the military.

That is how crazy good the US is managing and protecting their country. I don’t think that U.S. is the perfect dream country, they also do crazy and absurd things. My point in this is, if something happens in the superpowery U.S.A, we will get the influences. Whoever will be the President of The United States will be the unofficially most powerful person on this earth. The button of a nuclear power weapon will be on their finger tip, so to say. So, of course people around the world are watching and talking about the U.S. election now. We shiver when any candidate shows red-alerted ideas. But, if other country want to meddle in the U.S. democratic process then it’s totally wrong in every way. It only can get any worse, when a candidate for the Presidency is the one encouraging them to do so.

Whoever will be elected as the U.S. President, I hope it will be someone who is in their right sense, who has ethics, accept and respect not only their civil rights but also the human rights known to the world.

They also should be able to think and re-check facts before saying or even casually typing a statement in 160 characters for the world to read. I think world peace (or even a tiny bit of it) would be a wishful thinking if any president think and speak like a provocateur egomaniac bully.

It is only my wish for a better world. Whatever nation, skin color, belief or political view each of us posses, it is always our right to have & speak out our opinions and thoughts. I know this year’s election is full of intrigues and tough, it’s even dillematic if people might want to vote for a 3rd party candidate. Yet I hope every U.S. citizen will still take this coming election seriously and think really careful before they vote.


All images provided by pixabay.com and thanks to Shane for sharing the article I linked to in the post.


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