Morning in The Tropical Mountain

I just wrote about how I make such a huge deal about breakfast and brunch, but when I was away in the tropics, the serenity of the morning hours was different.

It’s the mountain breeze that came at dawn and disappeared after a second blink. So I put my jeans and white shirt on, then wrapped my self in small jacket and big shawl. The ultimate weekend breakfast was up on the hill facing the evergreen valley, where the air was fresh and the sound of birds and grasshopper put you at ease.

To warm my empty stomach they have this warm matcha milk, it’s not the green tea I know of in Germany. Matcha is Japanese green tea powder mixed with sea grass, vivid green and yummy — combined with milk it’s appearantly a very trendy beverage in Asia right now. It was a bit too sweet to my taste but early morning is a good excuse to have it. Warm matcha milk on the hill.

Indonesian nasi goreng a.k.a fried rice is a very famous dish worldwide. It has its root in China but the Indonesian folks have been having it since so long, it’s just became so typical Indonesian dish. They eat it for breakfast and sometimes dinner too. The one that I had, however, were spiced with kencur* and it tasted very refreshing. The fried rice looked pale golden brown and topped with shredded chicken, omelette, tomatoes, spring onions and last but not least krupuk (typical Indonesian topping for almost any kind of meal, made from flour and shrimp or fish). The thing about nasi goreng is you need minced shallot as the key to a delicious and authentic one. That small pinkish purple Indonesian shallot is something I miss in Europe, you just can’t find the exact refreshing/sharp flavor.

Having nasi goreng with kencur flavor on a hill was a great Sunday morning experience. It was a bit misty, a bit windy and a bit lazy. I remember lounging on the sofa made of massive Jati wood feeling my full stomach and sleepy.


*Latin name “Kaempferia galanga” or commonly known as aromatic ginger, sand ginger, cutcherry, or resurrection lily.


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