The Deal with Breakfast & Brunch

When at home I love waking up in my crisp cotton sheets with watercolored flowers pattern. I also never forget to open my french balcony and watering my plants after I rise. Boiling hot water with lemon juice is my morning mojo. Plain yoghurt with granola, fresh summer berries and a hint of floral honey or chopped date is my favorite breakfast.

When I do weekend brunch with friends, oh my, no one will wanna miss salmon omelette with tomato & mozarella salad and the aromatic Vinschgauer bread. Orange juice and cold prosseco would make everything really special, beside the mandatory hot cup of coffee. 

This, infact, looks very similar to my Tomato & Mozarella Salad. Instead of Ruccola, I use Lamb’s Lettuce as the greenies. |

The secret ingredients for my tomato & mozarella salad are no longer a secret but my buddies still prefer to come to my place and brunch the Saturday away.

There’s something about breakfast alone at home…

Catching a breath while I water the plants is such a great little meditation session in the early hour. Quick hot or cold shower, depends on the day, will wash me awake. Chopping and stiring the fruits for my Müsli on my own brings a funny level of satisfaction to my self. My spoon usually clinks on my ceramic bowl as I eye the kitchen clock. Yet I still have time to lick the rest of honey on the back of my spoon. 

The typical German breakfast of granola, yoghurt and fruits the whole world now seems to know as “Muesli” |

When I have a pack of orange juice I’ll open the fridge and pour my self a glass of those yummy pearls. I love the silent serenity of the morning but I also love it as my heart race whenever I eye the clock and putting my make up on after breakfast.

And there’s something, too, about a jolly brunch with friends…

The long hours of sitting, eating up, talking to each other and lazying around — it’s just wonderful! Cooking for other people is a pleasant thing to do, even if it only easy scramble eggs or fancy salmon omelette. Beside healthy and yummy salad and fruits, we insert gummy bears, chocolate and pastries to sweeten up our brunch menu. The present of bread is a mandatory for German folks, and I even have a more exotic pick: the original bread from Vinschgau region of the Austrian Alps. 

People say, compared to French bakery, German breads are rather unaesthetic but the taste is unbeatably delicious. And so is this Austrian’s Vinschgauer bread. |

The yummiest bread I know! I think Vinschgauer is the eccentric older sister of the classic Bauernbrot (German Farmer’s bread). A slice of bread with salted butter and snipped chives tastes like holiday in the mountains.

Back to brunching, though, it’s such a relaxing time to spend with friends on the weekend after a week full of work and actions. You get to wake up rather late, do your share of potluck and get to eat good food with good friends. What can beat that to break your fast?


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