Lately I’ve been busy and forced to neglect my tiny little blog along with drafts sitting in my file. We should blame it on my travelling and working from bed (yes, as if breakfast in bed wasn’t appealing enough, I got to bring work to bed).

Before I can update on the mystery murder case in Indonesia and finally finish my article about an economist’s point of view on “A Good Life” (which is much needed to grow my section “People & Their Money”); I want to share a quote from Sade, that woman with amazing voice and soul living in it.

I woke up this morning with one of her song in mind, in lue to the bombing in Brussels last night (the thought of it could be another terror attack!). I found it difficult to breath whenever I’m confronted with the cruel reality how this world we live in is actually full of arogance, hatred and superiority. Yadda yadda.

Anyway, I’m not really in the mood of being tender and forgetful right now. I don’t wanna care anymore nor forgive people who have wronged me or others just like that. At this point, I just had enough. I wanna be mad and angry and unforgiveful because it’s easy and it feels good. But then I remembered Sade and one of her sad and melancholic songs… I remembered listening to it for days last year, during the peak of hot summer nights with my window to the garden open. “It’s only love that gets you through“, it goes, “it’s only love, it’s only love…“, as I try to fall asleep.

After I’ve played that memory in my personal cinematic motherboard, I felt stupid. I remembered once I felt such pain I thought I can’t move on from, and yet some strength was going inside of me when I decided to love instead of hate. All this time I knew better, why do I choose to hate now?

Tenderness comes from pain.

Isn’t it amazing how you can love?

Isn’t it amazing how big our heart can strech out, we can fit a lot and many people inside our heart and lock them all forever with our love and gratitude.

Isn’t it amazing how our heart can love? And whenever there’s love left inside of us, we can always forgive. You know what I always say, one step of a time. Feel the pain as it tenders you and pokes your little heart to fight for it self. Love. Verb not adjective. Because to love is to gain strength.

This is a homework for me too. One step of a time, baby. Sure, being mad and angry and unforgiveful feels good. Following our lush and emotion feels good. But it will criple you one day, sooner than you thought.

It’s only love that gets you through.


One thought on “Forgive

  1. Thank you…wonderful mind 🙂 love is truth and truth is love. Hatred only leads to lies, lying to yourself and others. But it all is a feeling. When there is nothing, then the problems begin. Love is live ❤

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