Abstract Ideas Comes into Life This Millenia

When you have an idea for a creation and willing to make the abstract come into live, I think Crowdfunding is the best thing the internet generation has ever made. This kind of business funding is also prefered by the millenials.

Unlike other generations, millenials are keen to neglact hierachial structure. Many millenials prefer to work for them self and to create something authentic, from the scratch. Thanks to the culture of sharing economy, millenials don’t hesitate to help each other too.

Crowdfunding is also a good thing to build a company on no debts. A fresh starts without a drama with the bank. The idea of supporting a new company makes them feel as a part of that company’s journey too — and that what makes a good investor.

I’d like to share a new crowdfunding campaign from a small business in Indonesia. As a micro-scaled start up they seemed to already set a vision and standard for their company. I read a short story how the founder was told by a salad seller that her boyfriend should get the salad first because he’s a man. I know these kind of stuff HAPPEN in Indonesia and it always breaks my heart to hear.

They run a small fashion jewelry business and aim to support human, esp. women empowerment.

They have a selection of attractive necklaces and bracelet for people to buy in order to raise fund for the business.

I’d love to buy from them, but my problem was INDIEGOGO, the platform they use, only accept Credit Cards as a payment. I don’t know why the have opted out PayPal, except for campaign raised on Australian dollars. Maybe someone out there knows why?

Anyway, me sharing about them is my way to support them. Such a German like I am, I was never interested to apply for a credit card. I hope some credit card owners out there would want to take a look at their campaign page and adopt their jewelry…

Oh btw, their name is Creolé Jewelry from Bandung, Indonesia. Their campaign goes by „Creolé: Shiny Essentials for Modern Female” at https://igg.me/at/creole

Hope one or two jewelry catch your eyes! And keep spreading the word. You can share this article, or tweet and write about it on your own blog.

With the spirit of crowdfunding,

E 💋


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